Beetroot juice can protect against cardiovascular disease

Beetroot juice can protect against cardiovascular disease

A new Swedish research study can show how Beetroot juice in the future can replace drugs for certain diseases and do wonders for your body.

the Heart and Lung Foundation conducted a new clinical study at Karolinska Institutet. There, the patients with cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes were allowed to participate in a study to investigate the ability of Beetroot to reduce the risk of diabetes, renal failure and cardiovascular disease.

Patients in the study drank two glasses of red Beetroot juice every day. The researchers measured their blood pressure, renal function and how insulin sensitivity was affected.

As a result of the study they found out that red Beetroot juice can be used as an additional treatment or it can replace some medicines that are both expensive and can cause side effects, the Heart and Lung Foundation writes.

Beetroot juice can protect against cardiovascular disease

6 medical benefits of drinking Beetroot juice:

  • Protects the stomach

If you drink Beetroot juice, nitrous oxide is formed in the body – something that activates the mucous membranes’ own protection mechanisms. It also reduces the risk of, for example, ulcers, according to a study at  Uppsala University.

  • You can work more

Nitric oxide increases blood flow to the muscles and it is known that this just improves the oxygen absorption capacity of the muscles. Acne uptake of muscles is important for you to exercise and increase the stamina  of physical exertion

  • Can counter type 2 diabetes and kidney disease

The thesis in the new study at Karolinska Institute, which is about to start, is that nitrate in red-juice can counteract oxidative stress. Many disease states are considered to be caused by increased oxidative stress, including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

  • Increases the sex drive

A lot of things indicate that the blood vessel-inducing and blood-flowing effect can also increase sex drive and potency. The Beetroot juice nitrate can also counteract stress, which interferes with the hormones that control the sex drive.

  • Delays aging

When metal oxidizes, we call it rust, when people oxidize we call it aging. Aging is considered to be partly caused by oxidative stress, such as nitrate in Beetroot juice despite counteracting.

Red Beetroot juice also contributes to a healthy brain, while at the same time the carbonite contained in beets helps you recover faster from injuries and inflammations. 

Try to start 1-2 dl of red Beetroot juice a day if you want to get the vasodilatory effect and increased blood flow.

Many people already knew that beetroot was good and useful – but it could be so important and healthy I actually had no idea.

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