BMW presents a motorcycle that drives itself [Video]

BMW presents a motorcycle that drives itself [Video]

The BMW company has presented the prototype of an unmanned motorcycle capable of maneuvering and braking without a man at the wheel. The bike will not be mass-produced, but with its help, the engineers plan to develop assistance systems for motorcyclists, reports The Verge.

The development of unmanned vehicles is mainly concentrated in cars, as well as in the transport of goods. Although unmanned vehicles only exist in the form of prototypes and are not used in everyday life, the technologies that are obtained during their development are already being used by car manufacturers, such as active driver assistance systems. For example, with your help, the car can detect a dangerous speed difference between itself and the obstacle in front of it and independently apply emergency braking.

Engineers from the BMW Motorrad division also created a prototype of an unmanned motorcycle to develop technology for active driver assistance. Since the developers did not face the task of creating a full-scale serial model, they took as their base the R1200GS motorcycle. The company does not disclose which set of sensors it used to track the traffic situation, but you can see from the video that the engineers did not use the lids that are used in most unmanned vehicle prototypes.

BMW showed that the bike can start from its position, maneuver and lean at the corners. The company has declared that it will not produce an unmanned motorcycle based on this prototype. Instead, engineers plan to create systems that will track the movement of a motorcycle and that will intervene in the event of a dangerous situation.

Last year, Honda introduced the prototype of an unmanned motorcycle, which uses an automatic balance system that is activated at speeds of less than 5 kilometers per hour and turns the steering wheel independently to keep the motorcycle upright.

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