Boring Company, by Elon Musk, uses Xbox controller to dig Tunnels

Boring Company, by Elon Musk, uses Xbox controller to dig Tunnels

Who has never thought of using a video game controller to operate vehicles and machines that have other types of drives, with a Formula One car or a crane? Well, it seems that many of those people who grew up with consoles nearby are also working at the Boring Company, a company owned by Elon Musk who also looks after smaller projects other than Tesla or SpaceX.

The Boring Company, which became famous with the sale of functional flamethrowers, later proved to be responsible for excavating and assembling the tunnel structure that will promote a faster transportation alternative. And the company found an easier and fun way to reposition equipment without having to repeatedly use manual force.

Check out the tweet below:

Yes, workers use an Xbox control tailored for the role. It is not possible to know exactly if the use of the Microsoft peripheral was a specific choice or if the software and hardware could also be used with a  Sony DualShock or  Nintendo Joy-Con – but compatibility with PCs should have been a great advantage.

The recording was made in the region of Hawthorne, a town in California and southwest of Los Angeles County. Well, it would not be a bad idea if this fashion caught on and other devices could be operated by a video game joypad, right? And which machine would you like to operate with a console controller.

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