They identified the thief with this drawing

They catched the thief with this drawing

On January 30, a robbery was committed at the Central Market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A homeless man passed himself off as a local employee to commit the crime.

Being a public place, several of those present at the time of the robbery tried to help the local police to catch the criminal.

It was then that one of the witnesses came up with a sketch portrait of the thief. Seeing it, it would seem that it is a joke or a child’s drawing.

However, being the only evidence so far, the police decided to circulate the image on their Facebook page to find out if some users could remember if they had seen him.

Against all odds, the man was identified by several people. Later, his name and age were revealed: Hung Phuoc Nguyen, 44 years old.

“While the sketch provided by the witness may have seemed amateurish or cartoonish, it helped the investigators to provide a possible name for the suspect,” the Lancaster Police published on its official website.

The man has already been identified and now the police are investigating more about the suspect, who is charged with two other robbery charges.