Who is Cory Vitiello? Meghan Markle’s ex-boyfriend and celebrity chef from Canada

Who is Cory Vitiello? Meghan Markle’s ex-boyfriend and celebrity chef from Canada

Prince Harry’s wedding plans with Meghan Markle for next spring have been received almost everywhere with jubilation. And we say almost because it is more than likely that the news has irritated the famous chef Cory Vitiello. This is the person Meghan was dating when she met the second son of Charles of England and Lady Di.

As reported by The Sun and Telegraph, the American actress, who announced her departure from the Suits series a few days ago, met Prince Harry in May 2016, when he visited Canada to announce the 2017 Invictus Games. There they exchanged phone numbers, even though Markle was officially Vitiello’s girlfriend since 2013. Interestingly, after that trip, the rupture of the interpreter and the cook was made public.

That is why several British media now argue that Meghan would have overlapped the two relationships for some time. Some journalists have tried to contrast this information by contacting Cory Vitiello himself, but he has given the silent response: “I can not talk about this,” have been the only words of the ex-boyfriend of the future wife of Prince Harry. Uy, uy, uy.

This silence on the part of the chef has also been highly commented in Canada, where Vitiello is an authentic ‘celebrity’. In addition to being the owner of The Harbor Room, one of the most famous restaurants in Toronto, he has participated in several television programs in the country. On the other hand, Cory already had a chain of restaurants called Flock, also well known in North America.


Cory Vitiello is not the only man in Meghan Markle’s life. In 2013 it was rumored that the actress, born in Los Angeles 36 years ago, maintained an idyll with the Northern Irish golfer Rory McIlroy, number 1 of the world rankings in 2012 and 2014. Previously, she married in 2011 with Hollywood producer Trevor Engelson, who got divorced in early 2013. The strongest of all is that Meghan’s ex-husband would now be preparing his revenge in the form of a series, a fiction that would unveil the most unknown details of the future wife of Prince Harry.

Who is Cory Vitiello? Meghan Markle’s ex-boyfriend and celebrity chef from Canada

Some of the scenes that Markle has done during her career as an actress have also drawn attention in Britain. In fact, several media have already compiled the hottest images of the Californian in underwear and simulating sex. Of course, this past of the interpreter has not liked the greatest defenders of the English monarchy.

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