Rita Ora reveals she has frozen her eggs – and this is the reason why

Rita Ora reveals she has frozen her eggs - and this is the reason why

Feeling insecure about what the future will bring, the star of Kosovar origin has decided to freeze her genetic material to “be able to sleep peacefully”, knowing that she will be able to fulfill her big dream in the future

Although she just made it known, Ora underwent this new technique a year ago, when she was 26, following the advice of her GP. According to the own star of Kosovar origin, she wanted to guarantee her future motherhood, since “she has always wanted to have several children”.

The dilemma, which many other women face every day was: Do I take the pull to continue working hard or should I give up everything and have children while I’m still young?

“Maybe I’m a hypochondriac, but I’ve always wanted to have a big family and my doctor told me: ‘I think you should freeze your eggs’ when I was just in my twenties. That’s what he told me ,  the artist explains in a recent interview for Australian television, as The Sun says .

Rita Ora reveals she has frozen her eggs - and this is the reason why
The tendency to postpone motherhood has settled in the common people and also in the world of entertainment where pressure and professional dedication is even greater. (Photo: Cover Media Group)

“I thought about it when I had just turned 20, about children. I think it depends on the ideas of each one, but I believe in using what we have, in making the most of it “. And he insisted: “I’ve never said it on TV and I’m 26 years old, so people might think, ‘OK, he’s very young.’ But all I wanted was to be sure, “ settled the singer.

The decision, as predicted by the artist herself, has surprised, considering that 26 years is too early to freeze the ovules. On the contrary, from Clínicas Eva it is explained that it is just at these ages of greater fertility of the woman when the reproductive material must be frozen .

The younger the woman is when she undergoes vitrification, the greater the chance she will be able to become pregnant in the future.

The reasons ? Mainly two:

  1. That the less years, more ovules.
  2. That the ovules are healthier , with less possibilities of presenting chromosomal alterations and therefore diseases in the future baby.
Rita Ora reveals she has frozen her eggs - and this is the reason why
The actress of ‘Desperate housewifes’, Eva Longoria was forced by contract to postpone her dream of having a child until the end of the recording of the series, which is why she opted to freeze her eggs and move on. (Photo: WWD)

This was not explained by the gynecologist Fulvia Mancini, medical director of these fertility centers, for whom, if possible, ” one should not wait until the end of thirty years, much less to have forty years to vitrify the ovules . There may be, in this case, the false confidence, also based on erroneous information, that it does not matter how much time is allowed to pass before becoming a mother because there will always be the recourse of freezing. It could happen then that you have to resort to donor eggs because the ovarian reserve itself has been exhausted. “

The vitrification of ovules has become popular thanks to awareness campaigns of private assisted reproduction clinics and also due to national and international famous who have declared to have made it.

In Spain, and from the same Clinics Eva , Paula Vázquez. Also Nerea Garmendia  and Raquel Sánchez Silva. Among the international celebrities are Jennifer Aniston and Eva Longoria.

The technique begins with the ovarian stimulation of the woman, which is controlled to see when is the optimal time to perform the extraction of their eggs. The material becomes frozen (does not expire) in the laboratory until it is required when you want to be a mother.

In this way, the material is preserved from diseases such as cancer, whose aggressive treatments (chemotherapy or radiotherapy) can damage fertility .

Finally, this technique of assisted reproduction allows to postpone motherhood to the woman until she considers that she is in the optimal personal moment, without having to worry about the biological clock.

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