Samsung Galaxy S9 Has the ‘Best Smartphone Display Ever Tested’: DisplayMate

Samsung Galaxy S9 Has the 'Best Smartphone Display Ever Tested': DisplayMate

Samsung announced the new high-end smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9. Samsung wasted no time in sending it to specialized sites for the tests. Display Mate and DxO Mark, respectively specialists in screens and smartphones cameras, were the first and their verdict is very clear: in these two areas, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the best smartphone in the world at the moment.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 may be a simple evolution of the Galaxy S8, Samsung has obviously not contented to import the same components as last year. The Galaxy S9 screen, for example, despite having the same design, the same definition and the same type of slab, Display Mate notes however that it is even better than last year.

Samsung Galaxy S9 screen even better than S8

The American site is raving about it. The color rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is visually indistinguishable from perfection, says the site, and certainly far better than that of your current smartphone, TV, tablet or computer screen. And this is not the only one of its qualities. Better brightness in the market (1130 nits, 20% more than the Galaxy S8), smaller reflectance of the screen (4.4%) and viewing angles still improved compared to last year.

Not only is the Samsung Galaxy S9 screen better than the Galaxy S8, but Samsung has managed to make sure it does not consume more than last year. Or very little, of the order of 0.03 watt according to certain configurations. A nice feat on the part of Samsung engineers.

A photosensor “with no real weakness”

Compliments, the DxO Mark site also makes a lot of it with regard to the Samsung Galaxy S9 + camera. The test was released and the S9 + receives a score of 99 points, which places it at the top of the site’s ranking, above the Google Pixel 2. And it is especially in the field of photography that the phone impresses.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Has the 'Best Smartphone Display Ever Tested': DisplayMate
The same picture taken with an iPhone X.

” The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a smartphone with no real weakness in terms of its photo sensor, ” concludes DxO. And add that in the strong points of the phone, the noise is well controlled, that the pictures are well detailed whether indoors or outdoors, that the colors are bright in most situations or that the autofocus shows very responsive and accurate.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Has the 'Best Smartphone Display Ever Tested': DisplayMate
A photo taken with the Galaxy S9 Plus by DxO Mark.

Strangely, DxO hardly talks about the main novelty of the Samsung Galaxy S9 in terms of photo: the fact that the main sensor goes from f / 2.4 to f / 1.5 when the brightness drops. The site focuses instead on the quality of the photos, which is very good ” in all light conditions, including low light “. The auto-HDR mode, in particular, allows photos to benefit from more details.

Samsung Galaxy S9 has very good optical zoom

Finally, a word on the secondary sensor of the Galaxy S9 Plus, which provides an optical zoom. DxO says it’s almost as good as the Galaxy Note 8, which is currently the best optical zoom smartphone in its class. The zoom × 4 displays very good shots – for a smartphone, means – ” which makes it a very good choice for who regularly uses the zoom feature on the phone.”

Samsung Galaxy S9 Has the 'Best Smartphone Display Ever Tested': DisplayMate
A photo taken with the optical zoom of the Galaxy S9 Plus.

Unlike Display Mate, which relies on accurate measurements to claim that the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is better than the Galaxy S8, the findings of DxO are much more subjective and criticizable. You are also encouraged to go see for yourself the pictures taken by the site to make up your mind about the qualities of the Galaxy S9 camera.

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