Young people prefer social networks and sms to communicate according to a study

Young people prefer social networks and Texting to communicate according to a study

This is a study by an independent organization that shows the importance of SMS and social networks among young Americans.

Let it be said: social networks have never been so present in our lives. With smartphones, continuously connected to the internet, accessing a community is as quick as it is simple. Not to mention the now unlimited SMS that can be exchanged anytime, anywhere. Among the targets of these “products”, young people are obviously the first and a new study published by Common Sense Media goes in this direction. It’s simple: young people are more and more present on social networks but above all, more frightening, prefer virtual communication than real.

Young Americans prefer virtual communication

This is demonstrated by a study of American youth. Common Sense Media, an independent organization, explains that among 13-17-year-olds, 35% opt for SMS in an exchange against 32% for real. Suffice to say that a large part favors the virtual to the detriment of real human exchanges, drifting long pointed finger facing the advent of new technologies. But it is not only SMS that are privileged for virtual exchanges since the study also speaks of social networks displaying 16% – also very present in our daily newspapers. In all, 81% of the young people surveyed consider these platforms “very important”. The most used remains Snapchat with 63%, Instagram with 61% and Facebook, more and more disavowed by teenagers, still caps at 43%.

As for the frequency of SMS, 51% of 13-17 year old send it once an hour while 21% do it continuously.

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